Extract of scientific production of the Cluster:

  • [International publication] Enzyme-functionalized biomimetic apatites: concept and perspectives in view of innovative medical approaches
    Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine (2013) doi: 10.1007/s10856-013-5097-9

  • The historical constitutive Institutes of the Alliance:

    [France] CIRIMAT Carnot Institute:

    The research activities of the CIRIMAT Carnot Institute, and especially of the "Phosphates, Pharmacotechnics, Biomaterials" (PPB) group which is particularly involved in the BioCapabili alliance, focus on the synthesis, characterization, surface modifications and surface reactivity of (bio)materials in view of a variety of materials applications (bio-medical, luminescent (nano)particles, structural materials, multifunctional systems.). platforms. It has also an important activity of (nano)materials synthesis and processing as well as surface reactivity assessments. The group is involved in many research and R&D programs (national and international) and is in contact with several industrial companies, worldwide. The members of the group are regularly invited to give lectures and/or organize sessions in international congresses. The group members have a continual reporting activity in international Journals or in the writing of book chapters, and are regularly selected as "Reviewers" in several international journals. The group recurrently supervises Ph.D. theses and postdoctoral fellowships, and regularly deposits patents.

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    [Germany] Fraunhofer IGB:

    The "Surface microbiology" group at IGB has been working for more than 20 years with biofilms and the development of testing device for antimicrobial surfaces. The group's experiences involve adhesion and immobilization of bacterial populations on natural porous materials and polymeric materials with different modifications to prevent microbial growth. Testing device serves for medical (e.g. tooth material, catheters, filter material), technical and construction (e.g. paints and ceramic materials) purposes. The group is able to characterize bacterial cell development in static as well as dynamic systems and possesses all the standard equipment allowing the handling of potentially hazardous micro-organisms (aerobic and anaerobic). On the other hand, the "Interfacial engineering" group at IGB has more than 25 years of experience in surface modifications of polymeric, metallic and ceramic materials on a micro- and nano-scopic scale. This group develops anti-microbial and anti-adhesive surface coatings, tailor-made surfaces for biological and biotechnological purposes and films with well-defined properties, e.g. with regard to wettability. The "Interfacial engineering" group also counts many years of experience in the synthesis of different types of micro- and nanoparticles.

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    Some past projects of the Alliance's partners:

    Partner Type of Call Project title Contact person Starting date - Ending date
    CIRIMAT and IGB PICF program Biomimetic anti-bacterial bone implants for local-infection inhibition C. Drouet, I. Trick, M. Müller, A. Burger-Kentischer Sept 2009 Jan 2013
    CIRIMAT ANR call 2007 NanoBiocer: new generation of highly bioactive and resorbable bioceramics from nanocrystalline apatites consolidated at low temperature C. Drouet April 2008 Aug 2011
    CIRIMAT ERA-NET program Nanomed 2: nanostructured bioceramic coatings deposited by low energy plasma for medical implants C. Drouet Dec 2007 Dec 2010
    IGB Fraunhofer Society HR2 CellComm: Cellular communication, new method for detection of signaling molecules I. Trick, A. Burger-Kentischer Jan 2008 Dec 2009
    IGB Zivile Sicherheit BMBF AquaBioTox: Biosensor for water surveillance system I. Trick, A. Burger-Kentischer Dec 2007 Nov 2010
    IGB Innovationen als Schlüssel zur Nachhaltigkeit in der Wirtschaft BMBF PhotoKat: antmicrobial effects of photocatalytic surfaces I. Trick Dec 2006 Nov 2009
    IGB Microplasmen BMB EndoPlas: inactivating properties of plasma in lumina I. Trick Dec 2007 Nov 2010


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