Biocapabili - innovative antimicrobial materials


The Cluster

3 areas of expertise in 1 Engineering Cluster:
(bio)materials science, microbiology, molecular biology

The BioCapabili Engineering Cluster gathers the competences of two renowned European Institutes around the thematics of antimicrobial materials development: the CIRIMAT Carnot Institute and Fraunhofer IGB Institute

This Cluster is a structured thematic group gathering multidisciplinary expertise in (bio)materials science, antimicrobial engineering and molecular biology.
The Cluster proposes an integrated R&D offer aiming at developing innovative solutions in the field of antimicrobial material engineering.

This unique collaborative alliance gathers at the same time a strong human potential and powerful technological means organized around advanced technologies platforms located within the two historical constitutive Institutes.
Each entry point gives you access to the totality of the competences and the means of the Cluster.


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